R & R

It was my birthday quite recently and to celebrate I took a quick break to one of my favourite countries, Italy.  As always I had a beautiful experience, and despite a few unexpected surprises here and there, I would say this was probably one of my best birthday celebrations. Continue reading “R & R”

Photos:Yak Jones Foundation Inaugural Reading Competition

On Saturday 29th April 2017 the Yak Jones Foundation, in partnership with Project Pikin, held its inaugural Reading Competition at 232 Complex, Freetown. Contestants aged 6-10 were selected from 13 primary schools in Freetown and the books used for the competition were authored by Sierra Leoneans. They included The Ivy series by Madam Adelaide Agyemfra; The Bigest Little Brother by Aminata Jalloh; and Puppy Princess Sheba Goes to Africa, by Dr. Fatu Forna Sisay. Continue reading “Photos:Yak Jones Foundation Inaugural Reading Competition”