Fundraising appeal: The Yak Jones Foundation


Following the launch of the Yak Jones Foundation in April 2016 and the first donation of books and educational materials to Cefsalone for Children in Dukono Village School, Nenie Chiefdom, Koinadugu District on Wednesday 20th July 2016, the Yak Jones Foundation has launched a fundraising appeal for $5,000 to finance the shipment of a 40 ft container of books for all levels of education to Sierra Leone. The aim of the Foundation is to promote literacy and bring back the reading culture to Sierra Leone. To make a donation; however little, to the appeal please click HERE. Continue reading “Fundraising appeal: The Yak Jones Foundation”




I was in Silver Springs, Maryland : age 11, completely lost in thought. In my head I was beautiful 25 year old actress, married to a wonderful husband (who was not just kind, but also faithful. Growing in up Sierra Leone, I could count on just one hand, how many men I knew were faithful to their wives, and I didn’t know what being faithful meant, but I knew I wanted it. In fact, I felt I deserved it, “for all the tears I have cried in the past,” I said, “God will send me a loving and faithful husband”). I would tell him about the war, how scared I was and he would listen, not just hear me, listen. No one listened to kids back then; children were funny, good or stubborn, but never to really be listened to….”wetin pikin sabi sef,” (“what do children really know”), I would constantly hear that, but I wanted to be listened to.So, I decided that when I was 25, I’d be happy; I would have my loving and faithful husband, I would be a beautiful working actress and people would listen to me. Continue reading “THIS THING CALLED HAPPINESS by SITTA LUVZ”