NEXTE (Heirs Africa) is a non-profit making organisation that aims to raise finance for young talented individuals who have business ideas and technological projects that help the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone. The organisation consists of entrepreneurs, equity financiers and philanthropists who have a collective goal of working together to build a prosperous businesses environment.

Voting for nominees are open in the following categories: Summa Cum Laude, Medicine and Research; Law; Excellence; Entrepreneurship, Professional; Media; Entertainment; and Sports.

The Gala and Award Ceremony will take place on at the Golden Tulip, Freetown, on Saturday 23 December 2017 at 7:00 pm.


To vote for Dr Constance C. John text SCL#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Ms Rhoda S Kargbo Nuni text SCL#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Francis B. Kaifala text SCL#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Mary-Ann Kaikai text SCL#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Asmaa James text SCL#5 to +23277071771

Medicine & Research 

To vote for Mamudu Baldeh text M&S#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Joseph E Kanu text M&S#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Dr Ramatulai Wurie text M&S#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Asad Naveed text M&S#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Dr Jalikau Mustapha text M&S#5 to +23277071771


To vote for Augustine B Marrah Esq text L#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Samuel B Sawyer Esq text L#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Walter Nicol Esq text L#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Osman A Timbo Esq text L#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Michaella Swallow Esq text L#5 to +23277071771


To vote for Amina Mansaray text EXL1 to +23277071771

To vote for Musu Kaikai  text EXL2 to +23277071771

To vote for Josephine Kamara  text EXL3 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Benjamin George (DRIZILIK) text EXL4 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Michael Saffa text  EXL5 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Bockarie Musa text  EXL5 to +23277071771


To vote for Mr Wahid Awunoga text  ENTRP#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Dereque Davies text  ENTRP#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Sidi Saccoh text  ENTRP#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Ms Ramona Sankoh text  ENTRP#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Ivan Refell Wyse text  ENTRP#5 to +23277071771


To vote for Mr Alhaji Dukuray text P#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Kemoh Mansaray text P#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Chernor Bah text P#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Ms Abigail Hedd text P#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Joseph Kaifala text P#5 to +23277071771


To vote for Mr Mohamed Murtala text M#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Ms Leonora Jawara text M#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Lamrana A. Bah text M#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Ms Pheabean Swill text M#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Ms Princetta Williams text M#5 to +23277071771


To vote for Ramadan Barrie text ENT#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Arkman text ENT#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Natasha Beckley text ENT#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Zainab Sheriff text ENT#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Pete Dalton text ENT#5 to +23277071771


To vote for Mr Tejan Bah text SPRT#1 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Khalifa Jabboe text SPRT#2 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Sheka Etoo Kamara text SPRT#3 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Mohamed Abess text SPRT#4 to +23277071771

To vote for Mr Abass Gbla text SPRT#5 to +23277071771

You can visit HEIRS Africa at:





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